Names for Twins

Names for Twins

Nowadays twins are born more and more recently and this is partly explained by the fact that having children is shifted to a later date. And among women over thirty-five years, the probability of getting pregnant twins is much higher than that of young girls.

The appearance of twins is always associated with double happiness. That kind of happiness experienced well-known persons, for instance, twins were born in the family of Margaret Thatcher, Mia Farrow, Laura and George W. Bush, Chuck Norris, Al Pacino. Read more »

Bassinet for Twins: All You Should Know About It

Bassinet for Twins

Bassinets are the best sleeping option, usually with just enough room for two babies. It can be very handy with twins as they can be moved from one room to another. It will protect your babies from the cold and create all the conditions for a sweet sleep and a pleasant rest. Read more »

The Psychic Twins (Terry and Linda Jamison). Predictions for 2012-2013


Psychic sisters ­twins Terry and Linda Jamison, who call themselves «The psychic twins», today are famous all around the world. They predicted a terrorist attack against the two buildings ­the twins in New York on September 11, 2001, well before the event. The sisters say they never have any disagreements between themselves about predictions, but they can fall out for other reasons. Read more »

Top 10 Signs To Detect Twin Pregnancy


Motherhood is a beautiful phase of a woman’s life. During pregnancy, many women sense that they might have twins. To be sure about the fact, you need to check the symptoms and confirm your twin pregnancy. Read more »

Myths and Surprising Facts About Identical Twins


Parents get doubly excited, when they hear that twin angels are going to be the new members of their family. They start visualizing and planning for them before they are born and they always wonder if the babies are going to be identical or not. Read more »