Eighteenth of pregnancy with twins


The fact that you are 18 weeks pregnant with twins means that you are halfway through your pregnancy! This is because women carrying two babies usually deliver them earlier than those expecting one child. This typically happens between 36-38 weeks of pregnancy.
By this time, the formation of your twins’ vocal cords is almost over. Your babies continue developing and growing rapidly. They are already 20.5 cm each and weigh around 250 grams. Their movements become more active and you will surely feel them if you have not experienced that before. It is your twins who start producing the amniotic fluid at this stage of pregnancy. The placenta, which was responsible for these functions before, does not fulfill them anymore.

Studies have shown that your babies know each other already even though they cannot hear or see yet. The thing is that the membrane that separates them is quite thin and makes it possible for them to feel each other. At this stage of your twin pregnancy, your little ones look like small babies. Their movements are not only reflexive, but become somewhat more coordinated. Almost all the systems and organs are formed by now, but your babies still need much time to grow and get mature enough to be able to live outside the uterus. The most important organs that will develop during the whole period of pregnancy are the brain and the lungs. The latter, by the way, have started “functioning” already. What they exhale and inhale is the amniotic fluid. These movements help them get ready for the process of breathing after your little ones are born.

What about you? You are not able to hide your condition anymore, no matter how hard you try! Everyone can easily tell now that you are pregnant. The fact is that the uterus of a woman carrying twins is much larger as compared to a lady with a singleton pregnancy. And there is nothing to be surprised with here, because there are two kids in your womb who need more space for development!

The second trimester of pregnancy is often called the best part of it mainly because the most frustrating and uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms go away and you start enjoying your condition. At the 18th week, morning sickness will hardly bother you, which will increase your appetite and provide you with energy you may lack at this stage. However, new symptoms may start now and you should be aware of them. Thus, you may experience sudden sharp pain in the belly, somewhere around the stomach area. To be precise, this pain is generally observed between the navel and the hip and is triggered by the stretching of ligaments supporting the growing uterus. This pain is not regular and usually goes away in a couple of minutes.

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